Resident Educator Program: Assignments


Assignment 1: A Transformative Journey – Prezi

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Resident Educator and OTES Alignment

For an Ohio educator, the world of formative and summative assessments includes: edTPA, Resident Educator, and Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES), which are all performance-based assessments you will experience at different stages of your teaching journey:

edTPA – occurs when you are a pre-service teacher

Resident Educator – takes place as you enter the world of the teaching profession in Ohio

OTES – is the assessment process designed for professionally licensed teachers as a standard of increasing effectiveness to ensure ALL students learn

By the time you are completing this module, you will have experienced

edTPA. Therefore, review the attached PDF for comparisons of the Resident Educator Program with OTES and what you can expect in your continued progress as a licensed educator.

Assignment 2: Review PDF titled “RE and OTES-Alignment



Benefits of the Resident Educator Process

The benefits of the Resident Educator Process are numerous for the teacher as well as the students. Please take a moment and review this chart to get a closer look at how the process can/will benefit you as a licensed educator.

Assignment 3: Review the PDF titled “Benefits of the Resident Educator Program



Important Definitions

Definitions of Roles within the Resident Educator Program

A Resident Educator is a teacher who holds a 4-year resident educator license and is working in his/her area of licensure in a school, district, educational service center or pre-school licensed by the Ohio Department of Education or Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

A mentor is an exemplary teacher who is assigned to provide structured support to the Resident Educator and trained in the RE Program requirements.

A principal is the Principal, Assistant Principal or person in charge of a school site.

District leaders are superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, directors or other staff responsible for overseeing professional development and residency activities.

A Resident Educator Program coordinator is the person designated or hired by a school/district to manage the Resident Educator Program.

Program leaders are district leaders and/or program coordinators who are responsible for residency activities.

Educational Service Centers are regional centers and staff that provide Ohio school districts with professional development, technology, support, planning and administrative services.

Higher education faculty and staff are personnel working in regionally accredited Ohio private and public colleges and universities.



Assignment 4: Take Resident Educator Quiz

It is now time to take the Department of Education’s Resident Educator Quiz. The requirement is that you receive an 80% on this quiz. That is 15/18 questions correct. The questions are not meant to be difficult, they are meant to help you understand some of the more important aspects within the Resident Educator Program. Upon completion, you will get a score validation email. If you score below 80%, please review the content and retake the quiz.

Quiz Link:

Password: COWRESED