Prospective Students

The Department of Education offers a major in Education with four subfields:

  • Field I:     Elementary
  • Field II:    Adolescent to Young Adult: Integrated Language Arts
  • Field III:  Adolescent to Young Adult: Integrated Mathematics
  • Field IV:   Adolescent to Young Adult: Integrated Social Studies

Each field in this major is to be completed along with another major at Wooster and is not intended to stand alone. The Education major in Elementary leads to an Ohio Elementary Teaching license for grades PreK-5 and can be completed with any other major at The College.  The Education major in Adolescent to Young Adult leads to an Ohio Teaching license in grades 7-12 in either Integrated Language Arts, Integrated Mathematics, OR Integrated Social Studies and can be completed with a major in another chosen discipline that is connected to the appropriate licensure area. It is important to note that these are the licensure areas that are currently approved for Wooster by the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE). However, we are already exploring bringing on additional licensure areas in the future, should there be interest from other areas of the college (ie. art, world languages, natural sciences, etc).

Students who are majoring in Education are responsible for knowing the requirements of their program and monitoring their progress toward fulfilling them. Specific criteria for admission to and retention in Teacher Education are outlined in the publication entitled Teacher Education at The College of Wooster: A Supplement to the Catalogue.