Dyslexia is a condition affecting literacy skills. It is not caused by problems with vision, rather, it is a developmental reading disorder that occurs when the brain does not properly recognise and process certain symbols. The series of five modules (https://alison.com/courses/Understanding-Dyslexia/content) explores how our image of normality affects the way we as a society define conditions such as dyslexia. Students will learn how important it is to integrate the different psychological accounts of dyslexia in order to provide a full explanation of potential causes and strategies for remediation.

The module presents dyslexia as a ‘case study’ in how different perspectives might be complementary to each other and outlines different approaches to the definition of ‘abnormality’. Students learn about the different explanations of dyslexia including behavioral, cognitive, and biological perspectives. The course also considers the more practical issue of how to approach the treatment of dyslexia and associated difficulties.

Five Modules:

  • Module 1: Approaches to the Definition of ‘Abnormality’
  • Module 2: Dyslexia as a Distinctive Condition
  • Module 3: Explanations of Dyslexia
  • Module 4: Treatment and Management
  • Module 5: Understanding Dyslexia Assessment

Final Assessment: Students must score 80% or more in each of the course assessments.